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welcome to emc

About Us

about us

Unique affiliate of El Muntaser group specialized in the field of thermal insulation, water and sound insulation.

Using the advanced technology of polyurethane foam and polyurea.


Nowadays, the world is suffering from the issues of climate change, global warning, lack of energy resources and noise pollution.
Therefore thermal, water and sound insulation has become an urgent need to fulfill human welfare.
E M C  is one of the leading companies that has taken up on itself the mission of solving these problems using the best technology in the world (Polyurethane)

our mission

Offer the best insulation solutions with international technologies for our customers, including a high quality product, advanced equipment, long term warranty and fast of  execution with the best technical experts.

OUR goals

We strive to find our clients needs and face all insulation issues to fix it  before, during and after it’s occurrence.


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