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marines and Airports

marines and Airports

Why polyurethane foam to insulate marines and Airports ?

  • Isolate departure and arrival halls that consume a high amount of electrical energy in cooling and ventilation to reduce energy by 40%
  • Isolation of cargo stores to keep the goods inside from damage due to weather fluctuations.

Why polyurea to insulate marines and Airports ?

  • Insulating the floors and roofs of airports and marines  sidewalks to protect them from cracks and striations, as polyurea bears high stress which is resistant to shocks and has an elongation rate of up to 600%.

  • Isolate containers and infectious facilities to protect them from sea water salinity, weather factors and shocks.

  • Insulating the bodies of ships and yachts to protect them from corrosion and shocks and to prevent water intrusion into them.


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