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Factories, Warehouses and refrigerators

Factories, Warehouses and refrigerators

Why insulate Factories, Warehouses and refrigerators with polyurea?

Polyurea is considered a very strong water insulator with an elongation of up to 600% and a high resistance to shocks, abrade , friction and all chemicals, which makes it the best choice for insulating floors and walls of factories and warehouses.

Why insulate Factories, Warehouses and refrigerators with polyurethane foam?

    • Always, All kinds of Goods and products have been damaged because of bad weather fluctuations, which leads to spending more money to overcome temperatures and avoid rain water.


    • Due to polyurethane foam material which is supported by an acrylic based protection paint is considered the best insulation material ever, it is characterized by the lowest heat conduction coefficient of up to
      0 .002 W/K.


  • In addition to this, it has a strong expansion rate and it increases the strength and rigidity of the building and its ultra ability to stick to surfaces.


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